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Introducing NMDP, formerly known as the National Marrow Donor Program and Be The Match.  
Our name has changed but our mission has not: We save lives through cell therapy. 
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Courier Program

Thank you for your interest in the courier program! 

Applications for the courier position are now closed and we do not maintain a waitlist.  Please check this page in Fall of 2024 to see if and from where we will be recruiting new couriers. 

Send an email to CourierApplication@NMDP.ORG if you have any questions!


Courier Role

Couriers support our mission by delivering on our promise!  This responsibility demands a high level of dedication as well as flexibility. The time commitment is a minimum of 6 days per year (an average of 3 days per courier trip) and courier trips happen on weekdays, not weekends!

Below is a summary of considerations for those thinking about applying to serve our organization in this role. And here is the policy that covers this as well: 

Ideal candidates are:

  • former patients or family members of patients
  • donors or family members of donors
  • individuals who have a close connection to the stem cell transplant industry


  • Must commit to successfully completing a minimum of TWO domestic courier trips before September 30, 2024.
  • Complies with annual competency review and other Be the Match training and coaching requirements deemed necessary for this role.
  • Acts as an ambassador and advocate for Be the Match/NMDP at all times, reflecting the highest standards and best practices on every trip.
  • Tracks courier hours, courier expenses and reports issues using an online trip reporting tool.
  • Tracks trip process using a Be The Match App.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age to apply
  • Must successfully pass a security background check
  • Possess a government ID that is valid for air travel
  • Can only be a stem cell courier for Be the Match, may not work/volunteer for other organizations in this type of courier capacity, or be a commercial stem cell courier
  • Possess a major credit card with $3,000 credit available (card is used to cover a portion of the expenses on each trip and will be reimbursed)
  • Possess a personal smart phone with a data plan that covers various app downloads and usage
  • Has access to computer devices; email address; Word & Excel or compatible programs; access to online forms & websites; ability to scan & email documents in pdf
  • NMDP Staff members must be employed by NMDP for one year before applying. 

Skills needed

  • Must be highly experienced traveling alone, both air and ground travel in the past nine months
  • Physically able to conduct courier activities, such as: sitting for long periods of time, walking swiftly and lifting up to 40 pounds
  • Must conduct themselves professionally at all times
  • Understands and supports the mission of Be the Match
  • Must be able to follow directions with close attention to detail with the ability to do proactive planning
  • Good computer skills needed
  • Must be able to manage the stressful situations that will arise with any kind of travel and pivot when needed
  • Troubleshoots problems, but also reaches out when help is needed


There are expenses incurred during each courier trip. Couriers will use their own line of credit to cover costs like hotel, ground transport, parking and food.  This line of credit may also need to be used to cover airfare costs during a travel/weather emergency. The courier will be reimbursed for these expenses (upon timely submission of an expense report) in accordance with the Be the Match/NMDP Travel and Expense policy.

Companion Travel:

The Be the Match/NMDP courier program does not allow a companion traveler on a courier trip.


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